About Us

Zeke’s Sweets offers high quality homemade cakes, breads, pies and desserts. Each bakery product is handcrafted and freshly baked for the best quality.

Our mission is to use the purest ingredients to make the tastiest products that are accessible and affordable.  Every product is strived to meet our customer expectations so that customers can experience the finest in baking perfection.
  • Speciality Cakes
  • Homemade Pies
  • Fresh Homemade Breads
  • Delicious Desserts
What We Create

We make superbly delicious desserts homemade from scratch.
We use the simplest ingredients to make the tastiest products.

Party Trays
Holiday gatherings to office luncheons and parties, our deserts and pastry platters are delicious and perfect for every occasion.

Speciality Cakes
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby shower and other events our experienced cake  decorators will create the perfect cake for any event.

Desserts & Breads
Any occasion we can provide delicious Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies, Raspberry Squares,and more. Homemade Breads and Roll.

The Menu
  • Brownies ...$1.75
  • Coffee Cake ...$1.50
  • Cookies ...$1.75
  • Fruit Bars ...$2.00
  • Cupcakes ...1/2.00, 6/10.00
  • 9” Fruit Pies...$12.00
  • Specialty Cakes ...Call for custom pricing
  • Dinner Rolls ...6/2.50, doz/4.00
Our Delicious Desserts
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